All of my comic adventures are available as both PRINTED COLLECTIONS and PDF Downloads! 

And from now until New Years 2017, ALL Trade Paperbacks are AVAILABLE AT RETAILER PRICES! 50% OFF OF COVER PRICE! It's the Ultimate "Black Friday" sale!


THE WELLKEEPER Vol. 1: Inheritance
Collects issues #0, #1, #2, #3 and #4
$14.95 On Sale! Only $8.04

 THE WELLKEEPER Vol. 2: The Withering Fire
Collects issues #5, #6, #7 and #8
$14.95 On Sale! Only $7.50

THE WELLKEEPER Vol. 3: Before the Dawn
Collcets issues #9, #10, #11 and #12 - FINALE
$14.95 On Sale! Only $7.50


From the earliest, amateur strips drawn as a kid to the definitive collection of the world famous web comic, you can get it all in the DANDY & COMPANY PRINT COLLECTIONS!


Classic Comic Book Stories and all new laughs. It's the PERFECT JUMPING ON POINT!. Essential reading for any DandyFan!

All the newest and most hilarious adventures from the 2014 relaunch in one 66 page collection! Features the crossover with Martin Dunn's SPECTROMANCER!

Classic Collections!

Contains the original doodles of an 8 year old up through the strips created in the 90's leading up to the current online strip. Essential reading for any DandyFan!

The excitement and laughs start HERE! Witness the beginning of the online strip from 2001 and meet Dandy Q. Dog, his "owner", Bernard Brooks and the rest of the gang as they engage in snowball fights, water balloon wars and Alien abductions!

Introducing Audrey, Mr. Fuzzy and the mysterious SNUFFLES, this second volume also features the return of Evil Dandy!

The evil alien warlord, Lord Testa has returned seeking revenge against Bernard and Dandy, and our heroes may have to become SUPER to save the day!

After the reality altering events of the last collection, Dandy & Bernard are facing a strange new world where friends are foes and Maryweather has a new boyfriend!

It's a crisis of infinite Dandys and the universe threatens to collapse upon itself unless Dandy & Bernard can save us all! We are DOOMED!

Dandy is in SERIOUS trouble now, as his antics have left him stranded in the depths of HECK itself!!

In this final collection of classic strips, laugh along with Dandy & Company is a series of hilarious adventures and funny short stories!

DOGPILE: The Complete Dandy & Company Compendium, 2 Volume Set!

Over 500 pages of D&C Laughs and Adventure with over 10 years of comics and strips! THIS is the Ultimate Collection of Dandy & Company!

Over 500 pages of D&C Laughs and Adventure with over 10 years of comics and strips! THIS is the Ultimate Collection of Dandy & Company!

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