Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Finding Dee at MegaCon 2017!

The Orlando MegaCon is back this May 25-28, 2017, and so am I! And this time, I'm getting hilariously REAL!

My newest #webcomic, Finding Dee, is premiering as a #comicbook collecting the first 24 #strips of my semi-autobiographical #comicstrip!

#FindingDee is a semi-autobiographical look at the life of a 40-something cartoonist trying to find herself, navagate life as a transgender woman, and maintain a career as a cartoonist with a long resume with some guy's name on it.

Finding Dee can be found with new strips every Saturday at www.findingdee.com

The final cover may change between now and May, but you've been warned!

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