Friday, June 24, 2016

Making Marjorie - Part 1

Hey there, folks. As I'm working to develop my latest concept into an actual comic, "Marjorie of the Weirdlings", I thought it would be cool to let you folks in on a little of the behind the scenes processes I'm using to make this comic.

Now, while I am planning on going to crowdfunding to help get this book make in full color, the initial print of this premier issue will be in black and white. However, I really wanted to make this book stand out with a unique look that blends the highly rendered style I'm known for on books like The Wellkeeper and Carpe Noctem and a more open, animated look similar to my Dandy & Company cartooning.

As such, I came up with a fun trick to create a look that will hopefully be a best of both worlds solution.

On the left, you can see the original, clean and open line art. I scan the art first with only this level of inking, which is more familiar and cartoony. (And eventually, way easier to color. lol)

Afterwards, as shown in the middle frame, I go back and ink in shadows, atmospheric effects and textures in a style similar to how I usually ink on projects like the Wellkeeper. I LOVE to noodle.

And in the panel on the right, you can see the finished, black and white effect. The layers are placed directly over each other, as the highly rendered art is reduced in opacity 75% to create a very unique and animated style that I'm hoping folks will dig.

Keep on checking back for more regular updates on the production of "Marjorie of the Weirdlings #1". Thanks and I hope you continue to enjoy.

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