Thursday, November 5, 2015

Uncle Scrooge

I first fell in love with "Scrooge McDuck" from his staring role in "Mickey's Christmas Carol". From there, I followed the gent to "Duck Tales", and years later to the work of #carlbarks and #donrosa.

While I still love #ducktales, I find that nothing beats #unclescrooge COMICS for the very best of the old bird.

That said, this piece was designed to have elements from both the cartoon and the comics that inspired it. The #moneybin was modeled after it's appearance in the cartoon, as was the inclusion of a plane, to represent #launchpadmcquack. While the nephews #juniorwoodchuck quidebook, Scrooge's "sideburns" and his good old #numberonedime are specifically from the comics.

This was a lot of fun, and maybe someone from #IDW will see it and decide I would be a good cover artist for their #disney books!