Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fetch: An Odyssey

This is the cover art to my latest project, a graphic novel I'm co-writing and penciling with Martin Dunn called "FETCH: An Odyssey".

It's a story inspired by Martin's daughter Evie, who recently lost her dog Rosco. As is common, when trying to console Evie, Martin told her that her dog was in heaven with God. But Evie ain't your average kid, and she immediately got serious and said "Wait, god stole my dog?" and became incensed. From there was born the seeds of "FETCH" as Evie imagined a story where she traveled to get her dog back from Zeus.

We're Kickstarting this project in the hopes of putting together a budget to support it's creation and could use all the help we can get! PLEASE do what you can to help make this happen, even if it's just spreading the word and sharing!


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