Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting it out there.

I'm of the opinion that if more folks KNEW about "The Wellkeeper", then more folks would be into it. But like an awful lot of self-publishers out there, I don't have the resources to buy lots of advertising and promotional stuff. As such, it's up to grass roots efforts, social media and word of mouth.

But there's more I need to do on my own end that I need to take more seriously. I need to start talking about the comic more. Not just with incessant Facebook posts, but in places new people will hear about it. I need to hit more podcasts. I need to hit more blogs, Forums, Groups, Etc.

I just wrapped up another Megacon and it was my best year to date. Lots of new folks picked up the new issue and it was a blast. I'll also be at HEROES CON In Charlotte, NC. in June. FLORIDA SUPERCON in Miami in July and PALMCON in September.

I'll be at FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Heroes Landing in Clermont, Fl. this upcoming May too.

But I need to expand beyond the local shows. I need to expand beyond just the comic book market. The book has a broad fantasy appeal. I need to look into fantasy shows. Ren fairs. Art shows. Everything.

I really want to move this thing to another level this year and can use all the help I can get. Any ideas?

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